Tuesday, December 15, 2015

जलते दिये

Nice love song that has in it some irony: The girl wishes that she is with her lover; but, the boy seems to disagree. (As of this blog post, I have not seen the movie).

The lyricist has used the lamp's light metaphor to describe the female's love; the male uses the same metaphor to point out that the flames of a lamp can also burn, create stains, ...

Beautifully woven lyrics.

Monday, December 07, 2015


This song portrays love with several metaphors, some of which are highlighted below:
  1. "... wherever we met, time stood still." Time stood still is a sensation many poets have written about; the particular manner Deepak Chopra describes this feeling regarding love comes to mind.
  2. "Forgetting the [rest of the] world, I have met you. This wish has come forth of my heart ... that you give me — i.e., my life — the gerua color ...". Color is how many people describe liveliness, equating colorlessness with lack of life.
  3. "... I am the caravan, you are the destination to which every path leads." Bollywood lyricists equate the state of love to a desirable destination including, of course, the ultimate destination of reaching God.
Nice music, invites repeated listening.