More on Labels

This page has become necessary primarily because there is a somewhat arbitrary limit of 20 labels per post (and 5000 labels) per blog in Blogger. Behind the 20 labels per post, there is another 200-character limit, per post, and I run out of this character limit much earlier than the label limit: If you use non-Latin character sets of other languages such as Hindi and Kannada for creating labels, you will use up this character limit in a hurry because of Unicode encoding, which typically uses 2 octets just for one alphabet, never mind the dependent vowel signs that are needed to perform conjugations with consonants; the conjugations themselves can use up 4 octets each.

My solution? Use abbreviated blog post labels, and provide their expansions, and additional information, to help disambiguate them in a different place: here. It is also clear from the 'Total' sheet below that I am not going to hit the 5000-label limit per blog any time soon.

The table below provides a mapping between classical western notes and classical Indian notes.

Note Names