Sunday, October 28, 2012

साँस में तेरी साँस मिली तो

Yash Chopra breathed his last on week ago today. This post is to recall his contribution to romance cinema.
तेरी ख़याल में डूब के अक्सर अच्छी लगी तन्हाई
To be able to be comfortable with oneself is a valuable trait. The poet notes here, through the female lover, that being in love is capable of turning even 'being alone' into a comfortable state.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

पिया बिना पिया बिना

A female lover sings that separation [from her lover] is unbearable. How much unbearable? Consider the effect of separation:
  • Without my lover, the flute is unable to produce good music, my singing seems 'false' or 'incorrect' ...
  • Without you, my lover, my world seems empty, the nightingale has remained silent, the peacock has forgotten to 'speak' [in the woods]
When a Lata Mangeshkar sings about the separation, there is a certain relishable quality even to the feeling of separation (for the listener, that is, and not for the person undergoing separation).

What do you say, dear reader?