Wednesday, September 23, 2009

प्यार का पहला ख़त लिखने में वक्त तो लगता है

The poet sings that achieving anything of significance in life takes time. Specifically, the song mentions:
  1. Writing the first love letter
  2. Baby birds' ability to fly [for the first time]
  3. Reaching anyone's, i.e., lover's, heart
  4. Completing long journeys
  5. Resolving entanglements, be they of relationships or [even] strings
  6. Healing deep wounds [of the heart]

Thursday, September 03, 2009

तुझ में रब दिखता है

The use of the term 'God' in Bollywood lyrics is quite frequent. This song is from the film रब ने बना दी जोड़ी. Its use in this song appears unique in the sense that the lover claims to see 'God' in his or her mate. Makes you wonder whether the Bollywood lyricists routinely go through a Vedanta course.