Saturday, March 30, 2013

ಕಲಿಯುಗದಲಿ ಹರಿನಾಮವ ನೆನೆದರೆ

Simple lyrics to remind us — any of us with whatever failings — to recall, reflect and realize God. Purandara Dasa is no match to anyone, when it comes to crafting lyrics that even a layperson can relate to.

[Note: In the MS rendition linked to this post, the second stanza is not presented].

Saturday, March 23, 2013

ओ सजना, बरखा बहार आयी

The female lover declares her love through singing in the rain. You can, however, sense a certain pure innocence in her singing.

(This drab translation doesn't do justice to what is behind the song. If you click on below, you will visit a blog post that gets into greater details).

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fevicol से

Funny song, with good rhyme crafted by mixing English and Hindi. Fevicol is an adhesive brand available in India; sort of like Krazy Glue in America. The girl suggests that her photo be kept near the chest [of any desirer] safely, by using the Fevicol adhesive (so as to ensure that it will stay put).

Kareena Kapoor is definitely a treat to watch.

'Missed-call' is a concept unique to those parts of the world where mobile operators only charge for outgoing calls; if some one calls you, you don't get charged; and, if the callee misses the call by not answering the call, neither is the caller is charged. This fact, the missed call, can be used as a signal to trigger some action, with prior mutual understanding.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

अंडे का funda

Funny song, with good rhyme crafted by mixing English and Hindi. Supposedly, to teach the funda[mentals] of the [chicken and the] egg. Funda is a diminutive of the word 'fundamental' that is more frequently seen in usage in Indian college campuses.

पटना (Patna) and बठिंडा (Bathinda) are two cities in India.